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Show Your Love
A guide to treating your lake and neighbours right!

We all love our Almaguin Lakes.

Here's what we have to do to keep them healthy, safe and enjoyable for all.

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Please watch noise levels, especially between 10 pm and 10 am. Sound travels and disturbs wildlife and people.

Please keep soap out of the lake. It alters lake chemistry. Even biodegradable soap - it's only meant to degrade in soil.

Feeding Wildlife
Animals shouldn't be given human food; it makes them sick and makes them into pests. Please don't feed any wildlife (ducks and chipmunks etc.).

Wildlife gets tangled up in abandoned fishing lines; instead, throw them in the garbage. Also, replace lead sinkers. They are toxic.

Motorized Boats
For the safety of people and wildlife, and to prevent shoreline erosion, boats need to be driven at least 30 m from shore. And, when approaching the shore, the speed limit is 10 km/hr.

Septic Systems
All cottages use a form of septic system. To stop them from overloading - conserve water, have your tank emptied regularly, and manage the number of guests at one time. Leaky septic systems can lead to blue-green algae, among other problems, which is so toxic it can make the lake unswimmable.

While fireworks are fun, sadly they leave behind lead and carcinogens. They also terrify wildlife and alter their behaviour. 

With thanks to ELCA (Eagle Lake Conservation Association)
Post these tips on your fridge, share them with your friends and continue to treat your neighbours right.

For questions or more information, call Machar Township at (705) 386-7741

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Number of persons should match approved septic use permit (2 per bedroom) Septic system should be pumped regularly Rental listing/agreement should match this number (2 per bedroom).

No excessive noise unless for snow removal use Please respect your neighbours No noise/fireworks after 11 pm.
Fireworks are regulated, permitted only on Dec 31, Victoria/Canada/Civic/Labour Days

Outdoor fireplaces and camp Fires under .3 m3 do not require Permits if supervised and not deemed a problem to neighbours Fire BAN = NO burning/fireworks at ALL.

Please reduce, re-use, recycle Please don’t litter our beautiful community and roadsides Township receptacles are for park use only Property owner has a Landfill Entry Card

Park within driveway No parking on roadways Keep roadways clear for snowplowing/sanding and other scheduled road maintenance operations.

Leashes in public No trespassing allowed Not allowed on public beaches Stoop and scoop always Lifetime dog tags available.

Off-Road Vehicles
MTO approved vehicles only Please adhere to speed limits Please don’t damage roadways Please check Provincial regulations

Trailers & Camping
Permanent travel trailers are not permitted Trailers are limited to 30 days in a year Please ensure adequate septic.

For more information, contact:

Township of Machar By-law Officer Caitlin Deevey
Phone: 705-497-4959 (leave message if no answer) 

South River Machar Fire Chief Risto Maki 
Fire Rating and Enforcement: 705-386-0066

OPP/Fire/Ambulance Emergency: 911
Almaguin OPP Dispatch: 705-382-2015