Snowmobiling & ATV

ATV’s are permitted on the Township roads. Riders are required to have proper licensing & registration & abide by the reduced speed limits. Visit the By-law Manager section to read more into the specifics of the by-law. Please do not tear up public beaches or roadways

Effective January 1, 2021, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is changing the way the province manages how offroad vehicles (ORVs) are allowed on-road in some municipalities. The use of ORVs on highways is controlled under Section 191.8 of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), Ontario Regulation 316/03 made under the HTA, and municipal by-laws passed in accordance with the legislation and regulations. Currently, ORVs that meet the requirements in Ontario Regulation 316/03 are allowed on some provincial highways and municipal highways where a municipality has passed a by-law allowing the use of such ORVs on highways under their jurisdiction.

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Near North Snowdrifters

Read more about Near North Snowdrifters, trail access, permits and more.

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