Official Plan


The preparation of the Official Plan began in May 2011 and has involved many dedicated and committed people with an interest in the future of Machar.

The consultation process has resulted in a vision for the future of Machar that is expressed in this Plan. This vision is based on a series of planning principles that are intended to:

  • Be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement issued by the Province of Ontario (2005)
  • Have regard for the Northern Ontario Growth Plan (2011) - Protect the natural environment;
  • Encourage economic development; - Conserve natural resources; - Protect agricultural uses;
  • Protect the character of developed and undeveloped areas;
  • Avoid land use conflicts and provide for the appropriate development of the community; and,
  • Provide sufficient designated land to accommodate future residential, employment and open space lands to meet the needs of the Township for at least the next 20 years.

The goals, objectives and policies contained in this Plan are intended to guide the decisions of public authorities and private interests to 2032.

The data utilized to prepare this Plan has been provided by the Township, Provincial Ministries and other sources.

Upon the approval of this Plan by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Township of Machar Official Plan (1991) will be rescinded and this Plan will apply.

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