Hosted May 24 & August 24 by Almaguin Recycling Initiative 

Location: Strong Landfill Site, 483 Forest Lake Rd

Leftover paint & stain, batteries, used oil & containers, aerosol cans, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, propane tanks, petroleum products and fluorescent lights.

Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics should not be placed in your garbage, blue box or green bins. We cannot accept Hazmart Items at our Landfill, they must be taken to Hazmat on the appropriate dates.

Muriatic Acid – Pool Chemicals Varsol – Paints
Rust Remover Liquid Medicines
Toilet Bowl Cleaners/Drain Cleaners Gas/Oil Mix
Steel/Aluminum cleaners Ceramic Paints
Silver Polish Gasoline/Diesel/Naphtha Gas
Batteries Petroleum Distillates
Photo Processing Waste/Boric Acid Oils, Brake Fluids, Transmission Oil
Sulfuric Acid Power Steering Fluid
Acid Aerosols Fondue Fuel, Methyl Hydrate
Oven Cleaners/Disinfectants BBQ Lighter Fluid
Window Cleaners Kerosene, Thinners
Household Cleaners Anti-freeze
Baking Soda Furniture Polishes
Soaps/Detergents Liquid Waxes, Polishes
Fire Extinguishers Degreaser
Elemental Mercury Acetic Acid – Oxalic Acid
Dry Cell Batteries Ethanol, Methanol, Toluene Acetone
Organic Bases Glue, Epoxy, Adhesives
Cement Cleaners Under Coatings, Body Fillers
Caustic Aerosols Roofing Tar, Caulking Tubes
Bleach Driveway Sealers
Fertilizers Household Paints
Pharmaceuticals Stains, Varnishes
Antiseptic Shellac, Resins, Urethanes, Varnish
Fly Sprays-Flea Sprays, Collars Expired Drugs (not liquid)
Bug Killers Nickel- Cadmium, Alkaline,
Rat Poison Lithium-ion, Household Batteries
Fungicide Cell Phones, Games, Flashlights, etc.
Insecticide Oil Filters
Arsenicals Spray Paints
Botanicals WD 40
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Insulating Foam
Herbicides Propane Cylinders